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Back to school essentials for teachers

Back to school essentials for teachers

You might think that back to school essentials are just for the kids but teachers will also be returning in September. We have everything you will need for your return to the classroom from pens and pencils to decorations for your classroom.

Before you even get to the classroom you might need a strong cup of coffee to get through the early mornings and long days. We have 500ml flasks available which can be used for hot or cold drinks. Fill these with a pot of coffee or cold water to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Wood effect flask

Even though the Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted you can still protect yourself and keep cleaning your hand regularly. We have a pack of 10 100ml  hand sanitising gel which kills 99.9% of bacteria. These bottles are handy to have on your desk or in your bag to keep your hands clean throughout the day.

Hand Sanitiser Gel

Kids will go through a lot of stationary whilst they are at school, because it gets broken or it gets lost, so it is best to be prepared with a lot of pens and pencils. We have a bulk pack of 100 colouring pencils  available which will keep your pupils stocked up for a while. They even come in a handy storage tub so they can be easily stored in your classroom.

100 Pack of colouring pencils

We also have a bulk pack of felt tip pens available. These will keep your pupils busy colouring for a while and they also come in a plastic storage tub for easy storage.

Felt tip pens 

Of course you will also need some stationary of your own to use for marking and adding notes to the kids school work. Buy yourself a good quality pen that will last you a long time (one that will get you through all of the marking). We sell a fine nib Parker Pen that will be great for writing end of term reports and marking school work. 

 Parker Pen


If you want to mark in a different coloured pen we have a pack of 10 fine nib green pens which would be great for adding notes onto school work. They come in a 10 pack so they will get you through a lot of marking.

Fine nib pens

Add some colour to your notes with some highlighters. Use these highlighters as you own to help with note taking or let your pupils use them. There are plenty of bright colours to chose from and they all come in a pack of 10.


Why not add some decoration to your classroom to give it something different. Because most classrooms now have a smart board instead of a blackboard, we have a 70cm retro blackboard which would look great as a decoration. You can write the date on the blackboard for the kids to use or write cheerful messages for your class to read.


Of course you will need some chalk to write on the board with. We have a set of 6 jumbo coloured chalks. These jumbo chalks can also be used to write on brick and on the pavement, making them great for teachers who want use different methods of teaching. 

Jumbo Chalk

Buying the back to school essentials just before September can be stressful for both parents and teachers but we have almost everything you need in one place.

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