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Back to school essentials for kids

Back to school essentials for kids

September is fast approaching and your kids will be returning to school before you know it. But don't panic there is still plenty of time to get all your back to school essentials before the kids return.

We have a range of items that you can use inside and outside the classroom available right here. Ranging from pencils to packed lunch boxes, we have you covered!

If your kids take a packed lunch to school you can use our insulated cooler lunch bag. They come with an airtight container, which can be used to keep sandwiches and snacks in, and it comes with an ice pack to keep your child's food cold.

Insulated Lunch Bags

To go with your kid's new packed lunch bag, we have sports bottles which will help to keep your kids hydrated. They come in 2 different colours (grey and pink) and we have an offer to buy a pack of 2 bottles for only £16.99 (pack includes 1 grey bottle and 1 pink bottle).

Grey and Pink Sports Bottles

If you child needs a backpack to keep all of their school stuff in we have a range of flashy sequin rucksacks in a variety of colours. Your child will love taking this stylish bag into the classroom to show all of their friends. These backpacks measure 40cm x 30cm which makes them a great size for a back to school bag.

Sequin Rucksacks

Even though lockdown restrictions have been lifted, you might still want to protect your child whilst they are at school. It isn't law to wear a face covering but if your child wants to wear one in the classroom or in the playground, we have a pack of 10 reusable face masks  available. The pack of 10 means your child can enjoy a fresh mask at school each day whilst the other are being washed.

Reusable face masks

Of course your kids will need some stationary to use whilst they are in the classroom. We have a pack of STAEDTLER colouring pencils that your kids can use to create lovely drawings and pictures. STAEDTLER pencils are high quality colouring pencils which means they will last a long time - which is good when the kids are using them all day everyday.

Colouring Pencils

Buying the back to school essentials just before September can be stressful for both parents and teachers but having almost everything you need in one place makes things a lot easier.

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