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Pack of 10 Long 24cm Tall Red Candles Burn Time 8 Hours Made By Spaas Premium

by Spaas
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10 Red Candles:

Pack of 10 Red Dinner candles made by SPAAS, please read below the difference in quality and how a candle should burn. These tall Red candles have a burning time of 8hours, they are 240mm (9.5 inch) tall and have a diameter of 21mm (.8 inch)


  • Pack of 10
  • Consistent burning
  • Large Flame

How to choose candles, and why choose SPAAS

Recognize the quality of our candles

Because of the greater supply of candles, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose a qualitative candle. Consumers often ask us how to distinguish a good candle from a bad one. The appearance of the candle is difficult to tell whether you have bought quality or not.

Spaas has an excellent reputation when it comes to the quality of our candles. We find it important to make products that do what they are promised to do with safety. Look at these tips of how to recognize the quality of candles:

The burn-time

The burning time of the candle must appear on the packaging. The burn-time is defined to a large extent by the mixture and the wick. If they are well balanced, the candle will burn as expected. If this is not the case, the spark plug will not reach the expected burn time.

The burning time is always indicative, it is rare that it is precisely reached. Spaas predicts a variation of around 10%.

The size of the flame

The flame of the candle must be big enough. Depending on the size of the candle, the ideal length is between 1 and 1.5 cm. Too long a flame often goes hand in hand with soot production and has caused the candle to burn too fast. A flame that is too small is mostly blue and creates little atmosphere and heat.

No soot

A quality candle should have the least amount of soot possible. As stated in the previous council, the flame of a bad candle emits soot. This darkens the ceiling and spreads soot particles into the room. Spaas tests the soot release of all its candles in the laboratory.

Candles in a glass

More and more candles are presented in a glass. Here it is necessary that the surface of the candle melts evenly. If only the centre of the surface has melted after about 1.5 hours, you are in the presence of a candle of lower quality. A bowl is formed and the edges of the candle do not melt. In other words, part of the candle is never consumed. This often means that the candle does not reach the promised burn time (mentioned on the packaging) and therefore you have paid too much.

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