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Aromatherapy Ionizer And Electro Air Purifier Freshener Ionise Filter Aromamizer Elysee

by Elysee
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Aromamizer Elysee Electro Bright Coloured Air Purifier Room Freshener Ionizer Filter

Two in one Ioniser & Aromatherapy Vaporiser - More than a breath of fresh air!

What is an Ioniser?

The Elysace Electro Aromaniser with its 5 Ioniser Pins, brings clean, fresh air of the mountains into your home. It works by releasing thousands of negatively charged ions into the air (similar to those created by nature after an electrical storm, or near to mountain streams or waterfalls), at the same time draws in dust, smoke, and bacteria from the room's atmosphere. Maximum 5-meter ionizing range. Please ensure that the 5 Ioniser Pins are pointing into the room not towards a wall.

What is Vaporiser?

The Elysace Electro Aromaniser has two benefits, not only does it re-create the fresh air of the mountains, but it can also be used as an Aromatherapy Vapouriser to enhance the mood of the room where you are working, resting or sleeping. The Vapouriser function of the Elysée Aromaniser works by heating up aromatherapy essential oils of your choice so they gently vaporize into the air.

Simply switch the 2 Way control panel into Position 1 and add 2-3 drops of your favorite oil. Should a stronger vapourization be desired switch the 2 Way control panel to Position 2.

2-Way Control Setting control on the side

Position 0 - only Ioniser function

Position 1 - low heat setting for Vapouriser Aromatherapy

Position 2 - high heat setting for Vapouriser Aromatherapy

Note: The Ioniser is continuously functioning as soon as the Aromaniser is connected to a plug socket.

Indicator lights at the front

Red Vapouriser Indicator Light

Green Ioniser Indicator Light for the 5 Ioniser Pins below

Included with the unit

- Mains Lead

- Heated orange Vaporiser Tray

Just add your favorite Aromatherapy oils for optional Aromatherapy, to enhance the mood and create the ambiance. Oils can be purchased online from as low as 99p.


  • Technical Data:
  • Current supply: 120-240V
  • 2-Pin Plug ideal for any bathroom. Or can be used with a 3-pin adaptor for any room in the home!
  • Ioniser: 0.3 W
  • Vapouriser: 5W max
  • Warning:
  • - Keep out of the reach of children.
  • - Do not touch the Vapuriser Tray while in use and sometime after as it still might be hot.
  • - Do not leave the Aromaniser switched on permanently or unattended or where animals or children will come in contact with it.
  • - Do not use the Aromaniser for any purpose other than as directed.
  • - Keep away from Water.
  • - Do not let Aromaniser oil burn dry
  • No oil needed in ionizer only mode
  • No Oils Are Included With this item


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