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37cm Tall Flared Planter Plastic Plant Pot In Brown Or Duck Indoor or Outdoor

by Ram
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£11.99 - £11.99
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Colour: Brown

Sturdy Indoor Outdoor pots

Stylish and contemporary this 30cm tall flared square flower pot - is a handy all-purpose planter that will look good where ever you need it.

Made from durable polypropylene, lightweight and strong, with sturdy walls.

Give your dining room, office, garden, patio or windowsill a splash of colour with this great looking pot.

Ideal for planting bushes or trees, this is a tough performing that will give pleasure for many growing seasons.


These are being sold at a discount price, because, if you look in the second image, you will see some of the pots have slight bulges in them, that is because of when they were stacked there was pressure put on top of them.

The damage is on one side, so if it really bothers you, turn the bulge towards the wall

Please select from dropdown colour required.


  • Made from durable polypropylene
  • Height 36cm
  • Width 33cm
  • Length 33cm
  • No drainage holes


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