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How to turn your house into a home (on a budget!)

How to turn your house into a home (on a budget!)

Your home is where you relax, entertain and spend most of your time.

Therefore, it is vital that you make your home as perfect as possible.

We have compiled a long list of items and ideas that could transform your house.

Candle sticks

Nothing makes your home feel cosy like candles do! 

And while it could be tempting to buy some tealights, a candlestick is a more luxurious and decorative way of adding some class to your home. 

Glasses and tumblers

After a long hard day at work, there is no feeling like having the beverage of your choice.

However, it is equally important to get the right glass for that drink.

Our range of glasses is extensive, from wine glasses, crystals, tumblers, beer glasses, jars and so much more. 

We are sure that you will find a few sets that will fit your desires. 

Bowls and dishes   

If you are a foodie who enjoys cooking, then you will want (in fact need!) to serve your masterpieces on some classy tableware. 

Our range of bowls and dishes are sure to have something that tickles your fancy, and hopefully they will meet the standard of your prized lasagne. 

Bread bins, sugar, tea and coffee canisters 

You could leave your bread on the bench with your sugar, tea and coffee hidden in your cupboards.

Or you could purchase our bread bin, sugar, tea and coffee canisters to not only tidy your kitchen, but also make it look better. 

We have many styles that can add a uniqueness to your kitchen area and it will help to add some extra storage space. 

Shelving and Drawers  

You can never have enough storage. 

Even the tidiest of people needs space in their home where they can store items that they aren’t necessarily using all the time.

Our range of shelving and drawers will help to maximise the space in your home, saving you precious space that can be used for other activities. 

Indoor plants and pots 

Adding an indoor plant can really improve the mood of your home. 

A real or fake plant in a nice pot is the perfect recipe to add some life to your home and make it feel interesting.

Our range of indoor plants and pots is sure to give you some ideas of what you can add to your living space. 


A house only becomes a home when you begin to furnish it with your own personality and ideas. 

Our extensive scope of furnishings are bound to get the creative juices flowing and help you think about what minor changes can make a big difference.


Personally, we love our globes and ornaments as they can add so much positive energy to a room.


The final set of items that we think you should consider is our range of clocks. 

While clocks are of course practical, they can also change the mood of a room. 

Whether you want a more traditional clock, a modern or even a joke clock - we have you covered.

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